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It’s an Intergalactic Emergency! The Evil Emperor Zurg is nearby! Good thing Power Projector Buzz Lightyear is here! Fit the Power Projector into Buzz’s hand and plug in his cable jack! Activate Battle Mode! Project an image of Zurg on the wall! Press his arm Laser button to fire at the projected image to defeat Zurg and save the Galaxy! Press the Laser button anytime for target practice! This 12” Buzz is based on Disney/Pixar’s digital data and has multiple fun features! Push down his green Target visor. In “Talk Mode” without his Projector, press any of his 3 Sampler buttons for original voice and sound effects! Press the arm Laser button for light and SFX! Press his round red chest button to pop out his wings! Between missions, snap the Power Projector onto Buzz’s back! He’s the most famous Space Ranger of all!

  • Attach Buzz’s Power Projector to show an image of Emperor Zurg!
  • Press Buzz’s laser button to blast the Zurg image!
  • 12” Buzz Lightyear from Disney/Pixar’s digital data!
  • Original Voice and Sound Effects!
  • Push his red round chest button to pop-out Wings!
  • Hand retractable Target helmet.
  • 12” tall
  • Ages 4 and up.

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