THINKWAY TOYS is a private global toy company founded in Canada in 1984 by Albert Chan who continues to serve as CEO and President, and remains as the company's creative driving force.

Thinkway ventured into licensing in 1990 and quickly established itself in the entertainment world with licensed franchises from leading animation studios and media companies. Throughout nearly four decades of constant pursuit of excellence, Thinkway has built a reputation as an industry leader for creating high quality innovative toys that helped raise the industry standard. Our toys have been shipped to all corners of the world with a global operation and distribution network. Thinkway has always been quick to deliver products to the market with its unique company structure; in-house design, IC chip programming, along with experienced teams of engineers and product designers.


In 1995, Thinkway obtained the master toy license for the world's first computer-animated feature film when some in the industry deemed it a risky investment. The overwhelming box office success of the movie and the corresponding high demand for the film's products catapulted Thinkway into a global company. The original ultra popular action figures expanded into a large collection of movie accurate toys loved by both consumers and the film producers alike.

Thinkway was the first toy company to use stereolithography, a 3D rapid prototype printing technique. Back in the days the process was used mainly in the automotive industry. With the aid of this state-of-the-art technology, development time was drastically reduced making it possible to deliver products to the market in 6 months, just in time for the feature film releases.

Thinkway was a pioneer in the toy industry using original film talent to voice licensed toys. In our commitment to providing the best, most authentic toys possible, Thinkway went above and beyond by investing in recording voice chips in the local languages where the toys were sold. This gives kids the opportunity to truly recreate magical film moments with their favourite movie characters without a language barrier. At one point, 16 different languages were recorded for a single film.

Many of the award-winning animatronic toys from Thinkway have become icons in the toy industry and remain part of many people's childhood memories that are being passed on to the next generation. Some of the most beloved toys have graced the stage of the Academy Awards®, frequented TV interviews and starred in numerous YouTube reviews. One in blue overalls won the Toy of the Year (TOTY) award in 2014; one flew to space in 2008 to spend 15 months in the International Space Station and is now retired at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.; and another proudly showcased in the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.

Behind each and every innovative product and engineering design are countless hours of hard work and dedication. To protect its intellectual property rights, Thinkway proudly invested in owning dozens of worldwide patents. One example is the industry first, light-up Try Me package with a series of pictures on the box that illuminate in a pre- programmed sequence with voice and sound effects, giving both a visual and audio demo of the toy. It's like a TV commercial on the box.


Our motto says it all. We combine cutting edge technology, innovation, and great characters to bring toys to 3-dimensional life! When you see the "I'm a THINKING TOY" logo on a toy or package, you know it's a stamp of quality assurance.


Thinkway Toys is thankful to everyone who has contributed to the growth and success of the company. We appreciate the endless support and faith in us in delivering the best kind of toys year after year. We hope our toys continue to bring joy to kids and collectors alike. Keep smiling and have fun!